Hecla in Action

Hecla’s Lucky Friday Mine Earns Environmental Stewardship Award from the State of Idaho

Water Stewardship is a Top Priority at Hecla

Responsible Water Management is Critical to Hecla’s Operations and Our Communities

Hecla Lucky Friday’s Conversion to Biodiesel Reduces Underground Emissions

Hecla Promotes a Culture of Innovation

Hecla is Committed to Environmental Stewardship

Innovation Improves Worker Safety

Hecla’s Lucky Friday Earns Environmental Stewardship Award

Greens Creek’s Responsibility to the Environment

Greens Creek’s Impact on the Community

Mine Life at Greens Creek

Hecla is it’s People

The Invisible Giant

Safety First

A Trusted Partner

欧洲体育 – Responsible

欧洲体育 – Innovative

欧洲体育 – Responsible. Safe. Innovative.

欧洲体育 – Safe

Reclamation at Troy Mine Phase 1 Slideshow

Reclamation at Troy Mine

Mining and Clean Water Coexist

Montana Water Quality Testing (1 of 3)

Montana Water Quality Results (2 of 3)

Our Commitment to Protecting Water (3 of 3)

Casa Berardi – A Day in the Life

Greens Creek – A Day in the Life

欧洲体育 – 125 Years of Mining

欧洲体育 – 125 Years of Mining (Spanish)

欧洲体育 – 125 Years of Mining (French)

San Sebastian 2016

Lucky Friday #4 Shaft Project in 2011

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Lucky Friday – A Day in the Life